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  Sunday, April 26th   

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NEW FEATURE: Love Your Home

Melissa Spironello for local2 sault ste. marie
October 19th, 2012 at 10:20am | Last Updated at 1:17pm

pierro'sIím Miranda, and along with my sister, Melissa, we own Pileriaís Interiors. Weíre from the Sault originally, but, like many people, left to go to school and start a career Ė me in Interior Design, and Melissa in Marketing and Advertising. But Iím a Sault girl at heart, and this is where Iím meant to be. So we both decided to move back home and go into business together. With our combined skills, it seemed like a great fit to get into the furniture business. We named the store after our Nona, whose nickname was Pileria. And here we are, six years later, with an 18,000 square foot store selling furniture, flooring, window coverings, accessories, and lighting.

So now here we are Ė Iím on maternity leave, and Melissa is running the day-to-day stuff at the store. Since itís been forefront in my mind, I thought it would be fitting that the first post on the Love Your Home blog would be not only my nursery, but nurseries in general. I like doing nurseries because it is one of the spaces where people allow you to be most creative.

I started out putting everything about the nursery in one post, but it ended up being really, really long. So instead, Iíll break it down into key areas, and through the next few posts Iíll walk you through the beginning to the end of building a nursery.

Furniture in nurseries today isnít always nursery furniture; people are investing in furniture for their nurseries that will grow with the child. This way, they have quality pieces that will stand the test of time Ė meaning they donít have to purchase furniture again until the child goes away to school.

In a standard nursery there are three main furniture pieces; a crib, a change station, and a rocking chair. Today, Iím going to talk about picking the right crib for you, and where to put it.

THE CRIB; choice and placement

love your house 1 cribs

When choosing the crib you should consider not only the look you want but also the functionality. Your child will only be using the crib for 2-3 years. There are many cribs now that are convertible so they grow with your child. You have a choice of a crib that first converts into a daybed and then a double bed or a twin.

For me, it was best to get a crib that converted into a twin bed. My nursery is not a large space and a double later on wouldnít allow me to keep the other furniture I have in the space. So I went with a company that we carry at Pileriaís Interiors Ė AP Industries, a Canadian company that offers many different styles from traditional to contemporary. They also offer a choice of stain colours, and I went with a two-toned natural and white modern crib. Unfortunately, my crib is no longer available, but my next choice would be their Neo crib.

One thing to note - when you make the choice to purchase a Canadian-made crib you are assured that they are made to Canadian standards, both the rung spacing and the paint/stain finish will be lead free.

Check out past blog posts at pileriasblog.com


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