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  Saturday, April 25th   

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All The Luck!

Carol Zarudenec Smith for local2 sault ste. marie
October 3rd, 2012 at 3:55pm


Credit: Ron Zeppa, Jacob Zeppa & Emily Andrews

Fish 6

Emily's ugly stick
Credit: Ron Zeppa, Jacob Zeppa & Emily Andrews

Emily Andrews has been fishing with her dad since she was a wee girl of five. She recalls, “
My first fishing rod was a closed-reel turquoise fibreglass one (pretty much like a child's version adult rod).” She admits, “The grossest fish I ever caught were two back to back suckers when I was about seven. My bobber was set too high on my line so I was dragging on the bottom. Ha! Ha! We figured that out after I caught two in a row. I started using spoon lures, daredevils and cleos when I was about ten and since then I've used pretty much those exclusively.” She admits that she loses a lot of them because of snags, but still catches her fair share of fish considering how many she’s lost.

As an adult, she continues this pastime fervently. She and her boyfriend Jacob Zeppa fish not only during daylight hours but often at night too. Every chance they get, they grab their rods and tackle boxes and they’re gone. I’ve never seen a woman so dedicated to fishing before and truly enjoys it. Mention fishing and her eyes light up, her face gets the broadest smile and she’s ready to go.

This summer she fished at the locks, behind the old hospital, the boardwalk, on Ron's boat, St. Joe's Island and around Wawa on the Magpie River, Knife Lake and Wawa Lake. She caught an eight pound Salmon from Ron's boat, a five pound Pike from the Magpie and a bunch of smaller Pike, Pickerel, Perch and Lake Trout throughout the summer. She had a Rapala fishing rod for the past four years but this summer Jacob bought her a pink and black Ugly Stick for my birthday. She was “tickled pink.” No pun intended.

Emily is unstoppable when it comes to catching fish. She’s a natural and very, very lucky.

Fish 4

Jacob's lucky shorts
Credit: Ron Zeppa, Jacob Zeppa & Emily Andrews

Jacob states that he wears his lucky shorts but rarely catches a fish and when he does, it‘s small. Emily catches them all! While Emily has a larger tackle box filled with all types of lures, daredevils and cleos, Jacob uses the tackle box he received as a birthday gift when he was one year old. It is very sentimental to him. Despite not catching any fish, Jacob delights in the expression on Emily’s face every time she reels one in.

So if you see Emily and Jacob casting their rods, soon you’ll no doubt see Emily holding up a fish. She’s got all the luck!


Credit: Ron Zeppa, Jacob Zeppa & Emily Andrews


Credit: Ron Zeppa, Jacob Zeppa & Emily Andrews


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