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  Tuesday, April 21st   

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Photo Tip Tuesday Sponsored by Camera Craft

Camera Craft for local2 sault ste. marie
October 2nd, 2012 at 4:18pm

We receive a lot of questions about the availability of film for old cameras and whether or not it is worth using or if an old camera should just be given away. Today’s tip is meant to clear up some misconceptions about the viability of film in the future.

Why would anyone want to shoot in the today’s digital world? There are many reasons. Nostalgia is a good one; also some people don’t want to see their old cameras go to waste. Some shoot film just for the fun of it or because they like the way the photos look.

First lets talk about the most common film formats in use today.

35mm: Probably the most common film type still in use.

120: Larger film that crates a larger negative. Often referred to as “medium format,” though there are less common formats within that description, including 4x5. Holga toy cameras use 120 film.

Polaroid: Discontinued in 2009, true Polaroid film is no longer being made.

Fuji Instax: An instant film, like Polaroid, but still being manufactured. Not compatible with Polaroid instant cameras.

Kodachrome was one of the first high-profile 35mm film to be discontinued back in 2009. It was a slide film, which produced incredible colours and required special K-14 processing. If you have rolls of Kodachrome film lying around they can never be processed as colour slides again.

Slide film is still being processed, as long as it isn’t Kodachrome. Ektachrome, Fuji Velvia and other E-6 slide film are still viable and if you have some lying around you should be able to shoot it and have it processed.

Regular 35mm and 120 colour and slide film can still be processed quite easily, but likely sent out of town. Some people choose to develop their own black and white film at home or it can also be sent away. My guess is black and white film will probably be the last film type to die because it is easier to make and popular with many artists.

So for now shooting most types of film is still viable, but for how long? If you have an old camera lying around it might just be worth your time to shoot a roll of film for the fun of it while you still can and we still sell Holga toy cameras that take 120 film. The fall colours are at peak, which is always a good excuse to get out and shoot… film or digital.

Camera Craft still carries 35mm and 120 slide, colour negative and black and white film, as well as Fuji Instax instant film. We can send out your film for developing or, if you prefer, we have all the items you need to develop your own black and white film in stock in our store at 716 Queen Street East.


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