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  Monday, April 27th   

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Urgent Plea: Help Get Nanny Home

Craig Huckerby for local2 sault ste. marie
September 28th, 2012 at 11:08am | Last Updated at 12:01pm

nanny 1

The three month saga of Nanny continues but her owners are hoping they are very close to getting their beloved dog, Nanny back.

Ken and Jen Duguay have been looking for their dog since July when she ran off after being hit by a car. Ever since then, there has been some sightings but no luck in finding her...until now..

They write LOCAL2.ca

Just wanted to give you a little update on what was going on with Nanny.

My husband and our family have been going am and pm before and after work to check the field behind Reid St. We also got the help of the Humane Society. They put a cage type of trap out in the back of the residents home on Reid St, where Nanny has been seen eating. I put Nanny's blanket a couple towels for warmth and alot of treats and food in there daily, and so have the residents of that home and this woman who is helping us as well. Although we haven't had any luck w that .

We have had 2 people (whom we didn't know) call us to offer some help to look for her as well!! We we soooooo sooooo grateful for these wonderful people who want to help!. One is a woman named Penny who has helped tremendously and now she has put an ad up ,that she would like volunteers for this Sat to help find our Nanny..WOW she is amazing! The ad reads as follows;

If we don't find Nanny by Fri night, We would like to get some volunteers to help look for her, she has been spotted, but she's weak from no food, she's in the area of 80 block Reid St, Elmwood, Steven St hiding somewhere.

There's a lot of bush and steep hills back there. If you would like help out.
Sat 1.00pm call Penny at 705-575-0071


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