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  Saturday, April 25th   

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Be The Change!

LOCAL2 Staff for local2 sault ste. marie
September 28th, 2012 at 10:46am

LIFEforia Wellness Club will be celebrating its one year anniversary! We have organized the, "Be the Change" Grand Opening event on Saturday September 29, 2012 so that leaders in this community can see for themselves why LIFEforia Wellness Club is changing lives.

be the change

The Sault is home to the LIFEforia Wellness Club, which will be celebrating its one year anniversary on September 29, 2012! LIFEforia Wellness Club is a facility that provides clinical, fitness, relaxation, nutritional, mindfulness, motivational, and educational services in a luxurious and calming environment.

LIFEforia Wellness Club is your source of trusted wellness services, products and information. While the LIFEforia Wellness Club facilities are for women members only, the clinic, relaxation spa and educational services are available to both the male and female public. LIFEforia Wellness Club is first and foremost a social community of like-minded women who dare to dream and take control of their health and well-being.

The LIFEforia community of women is passionate about creating a better world, where health, happiness, and peace flourish. Members of the LIFEforia social network meet new friends and like-minded women in the community, they connect with each other, ask questions, get answers, discuss topics, are inspired into action and in turn empower and inspire other women.

The main purpose of the LIFEforia Wellness Club is to provide women with the support, encouragement and guidance needed to be well. The LIFEforia Wellness Club provides every member with a full team of experts to work with in the achievement of overall wellness, which includes their goals and their life's desires. This team of experts includes personal wellness lifestyle coaches, clinical experts, relaxation therapists, personal fitness trainers, and educators. LIFEforia Wellness Club offers an environment dedicated to preventing disease, empowering women with the tools and learning needed to live to their highest potential, and to inspiring women to take action in the control of their health and wellness. LIFEforia ultimately provides women with a lifestyle that supports living a long, healthy, peaceful, happy, successful and fulfilled life.

The LIFEforia Wellness Club is unique as it offers a balanced approach to living a wellness lifestyle, whereby women can achieve physical, mental and spiritual health. LIFEforia offers a unique setting that promotes just simply being by quieting the mind and paying attention to the present moment. While LIFEforia provides services that support clinical, remedial, fitness, relaxation, nutrition, relationships and support, its primary focus is to help women find the happiness within, to be well and to live the life of their dreams.

According to Tina and Vince Colizza, founders of the LIFEforia Wellness Club "There is a nucleus of women who want to look and feel good; receive personal, individualized treatment; and enjoy all their services in one location from the best-trained individuals in the best environment. It's about creating an ambiance where every element supports the experience. A treadmill is a treadmill is a treadmill. It's not the machines that create wellness. The human element is the key. The human element is what LIFEforia Wellness Club is all about."

Be the Change Itinerary
Club Tours
LIVE Entertainment
Outdoor Fitness Classes
Food & Beverage Catered by Bossy's
Sample Treatments from LIFEspa & LIFEclinic
Davey Dance Company Performance
Prizes & More

Tina adds, "The movement toward increasing self-care and enjoying a satisfying and full life, coupled with strong research evidence on the benefits of relaxation, exercise, diet, mindfulness and CAM treatments (complementary and alternative medicine) for health, is stimulating many more individuals and organizations to seek professional support for improving wellness. Instead of reaching for a quick fix, people are looking for practical, sensible, long-term solutions to looking, feeling and being their best". "This is an exciting time", she continues, "because the evolution of fitness memberships and large fitness chains is about to take place whereby wellness memberships and wellness chains are about to be born".

Tina believes that this evolution will radically change the way we live and will influence the world in the most positive ways. Given unlimited distractions in a person's life due to technology and the continued and global exposure to material manifestations, it is no wonder that "busyness" and stress are reaching epidemic numbers. People need a place whereby they can unplug from the world of form and reconnect to the true essence of living - being and consciousness. Wellness clubs offer a place where people can be mindful of the present moment, and learn to love the peaceful and blissful state of who they are. Through the proliferation of such clubs, wellness will begin to be understood by more and more people, and lifestyles will slowly change to support living a long, healthy, happy, peaceful and fulfilled life. The LIFEforia Wellness Club is positioned to be the first known wellness club of its kind. The opportunity for expansion into a wellness club chain is enormous.

There is an opportunity for Sault Ste. Marie to be on the leading edge of healthcare, where comprehensive and preventive care supports primary health care in the community. This initiative, combined with the success of the Group Health Center, provides the citizens of Sault Ste, Marie with a full complement of care for their health and well-being. The LIFEforia Wellness Club will encourage women to take responsibility for personal health management and the health of their families. This initiative will encourage a transformation in health care paradigms, whereby consumers take control of their health and well-being rather than be passive recipients of healthcare. This new health care paradigm will maximize the value that citizens receive from their health care systems.


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