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  Monday, April 27th   

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Crow's Nest: Good Bye Summer!

Karen Johns for local2 sault ste. marie
September 16th, 2012 at 11:20am

This article is a column or editorial.
The opinions expressed here are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of LOCAL2.


Itís hard to believe that another summer has come and gone. But what a beautiful summer it was! I spent the last two months in Batchawana and I think there were only two days that I didnít go swimming. Iím used to being more active in the summer, walking the beaches for hours, exploring the wonders of nature and generally just having a good time. Due to the continuing saga regarding my health problems I was forced to spend my days just taking it easy.( yeah I know, itís not so bad lying on a lounge chair, cooler in hand, feeling the warm wind and watching various forms of wildlife come and go around me).

My life was pretty entertaining thanks to some extremely tame chipmunks, and other small beasts.


I rescued another baby crow this summer when he left the nest too early with no sign of flying for some time. The parents refused to feed it, probably due to some defect that I wasnít able to see. I had a choice of leaving it there to become some hawk or foxís snack, or to bring it home with me. Guess what I chose.


Luna was unsure about sharing his territory at first, but then his curiosity got the better of him and soon took the baby under his wing...so to speak.

I named the baby crow Mimi because for the first two weeks or so, she would follow Luna around with her mouth open cawing as though to say feed me, me, me me. With Lunaís guidance Mimi learned to take her first bath in a tub. (Luna loves is bath and will race me to the tub when he sees me coming with a kettle full of fresh water for his daily ritual)'

She learned how to dig for bugs and other( yukky) things and became very tame with me after she watched Luna sitting on my shoulder day after day.


Little Joey spreading out
Credit: Karen Johns

The little squirrel Joey who lived with us for the past year was released (not without a few tears). When we first opened his cage, he was unsure what to do. He ran around and up and down on Kevinís body and mine, and then tentatively climbed a tree. It was so cute to watch. He would race up the tree, then down to us again over and over until he at last decided that climbing through the tree tops was more fun than climbing a human. He visited us all summer long although as time passed he became more and more ďwildĒ. Just last week we saw him with another squirrel. I hope he has found a mate. He seemed very excited and happy as they raced around, chirping and calling to each other. One of the photos shows Joey all stretched out and relaxing while we watched TV last winter. It was truly a joy to have him with us, an experience that Iíll always cherish.

This year we had four chipmunks that were constantly around whenever we went outside. One of them tried to race into the camp whenever we opened the door first thing in the morning as though to say ďHey Iíve been up for hours. Where are my peanuts???Ē I wish Iíd had some shares in peanut stocks as Iím sure the amount we spent on peanuts this summer could feed a small country for weeks.

One day as I was resting in my favorite lawn chair, a small finch began to chirp loudly over and over as it flew around my head. I couldnít figure out why it was so excited until I spied a tiny bird on the ground not more than three feet from where I sat. It was a baby finch, so small that it didnít seem real. Although the mother was frantic, the baby had no fear of me. I went and grabbed my camera and approached the baby who sat patiently, appearing as though it had not a care in the world. Itís hard to tell in the photo, but this little one was not even two inches in length. It was so cute it made me smile. After I took some pics, I backed off and watched as the mom (or dad) swooped down and began guiding the baby to safety in the long grass. I still donít know where the nest was. It must have been very small because no matter how I searched after they had left, I couldnít find it.

So itís with a saddened heart that I say goodbye to summer. If anything, it made me realize that sometimes just taking it easy and watching the wonders around us is enough of a joy to last through the winter.


Just as the summer was almost over, a new little restaurant/ motel opened up in Batchawana. The name of it is Lani Kai. Billed as a resort, itís the kind of place that is fun and the food is delicious. Itís just up the hill from the Carp River in Batchwana. Owners Bob Mclean and Dan Baston said they wanted to open a place with a fun atmosphere , affordable for everyone. Most of the food is handmade. Burgers that are huge, fish dinners that are big enough to fill anyoneís appetite and homemade pasta and salads. Nice clean motel rooms start at 45 dollars a night and the decor is lovely.

The restaurant is only open on weekends this fall, but Bob and Dan say next summer it will be open all the time. So if youíre out that way stop in and grab a bite to eat. Youíll be very pleased with both the service and the food. I guarantee youíll leave with a smile on your face.

Until next week, take care.


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