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  Monday, April 27th   

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Photo Tip Tuesday

LOCAL2 Staff for local2 sault ste. marie
September 11th, 2012 at 3:05pm

Photo Tip Tuesday brought to you by Camera Craft

Photo Tip TuesdayHave you recently upgraded to a Digital SLR camera from a point and shoot model? Digital SLR cameras offer better image quality and a range of lenses and accessories to choose from, but also offer the ability to see through the lens using the viewfinder.

Still, one of the first questions many new Digital SLR users ask is “how do I turn on the back screen to focus and line up my photos?” Most newer Digital SLR Cameras are capable of showing the image on the rear LCD screen before taking the picture in what is called “Live View,” and though it may be a comfortable way to shoot for a new user it isn’t always the best idea.

Using the rear LCD screen to shoot offers the following disadvantages:

* Autofocus is much slower when using the rear LCD than it is when using the viewfinder eyepiece.

* Holding the camera at arms length is much less steady. Having the camera up to your eye makes the camera much more stable and should result in less blurry photos.

* Shooting through the rear LCD screen causes a short lag between what is happening and what you see on-screen.

Composing images on the rear LCD screen does have its advantages. Shooting the camera when you cannot put it up to your eye like when shooting above a crowd at a concert, for example. Some people may not be able to see through the viewfinder because of glasses or deteriorating eyesight and using the rear LCD screen may be much easier for them. It is OK to use the rear LCD screen just as long as you know the disadvantages and most importantly…. Have fun with your camera!

Camera Craft is a full line camera retailer servicing downtown Sault Ste Marie for over 40 years. We offer ‘Intro to Nikon DSLR’ and ‘Intro to Canon DSLR’ classes every month, as well as classes on lighting and sports photography. Please see our Seminars page at www.cameracraft.ca for more details and dates.


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