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  Thursday, March 26th   

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Speeding Teen Driver Being Blamed In Dog's Death

Craig Huckerby for local2 sault ste. marie
September 5th, 2012 at 7:13pm | Last Updated at 8:18pm

yorkshire poo headline

A dog similar to the one pictured was hit and killed by a speeding car Wednesday afternoon
Credit: file photo

What was supposed to be a day of happiness, excitement and new beginnings ended in tragedy for a Sault Ste. Marie woman and her new puppy Wednesday afternoon.

"Patty" had just picked up her new Yorkshire poo dog from a family in Echo Bay early Wednesday afternoon.

Like an good pet owner, Patty knew she was going to need the supplies that any new puppy would require. Food,water bowls, leash and collar and maybe a few treats . On her way home, Patty and her new dog stopped off at the Pet Valu store on Second Line.

It's a busy intersection and several residents note that they notice a lot of speeding traffic in that area. As Patty opened her door, her new Yorkshire poo jumped out.

Cathy Guzzo was on her way to work when she noticed a woman in her 40's frantically trying to capture the dog. Being an animal lover, Cathy pulled over and tried to help.

Two other elderly people also joined in. "The dog was running all over the place mostly in the backyards located on the side streets." Guzzo told LOCAL2.ca

After about 30 minutes, the four adults cornered the dog in a yard near by "I thought we had the dog but it got away from us again"

This time the dog headed to the busy road of Farwell Terrace.

" We were all running after the dog, we were afraid of the traffic"


Credit: google street view

Just then a car turned the corner onto Farwell Terrace at a high rate of speed according to Guzzo. The driver and passenger both male teens continued onto Farwell when it hit the small dog.

"I think they were going 80 km/h" Guzzo said

The teens pulled over and got out of the vehicle to see what they had hit according to Guzzo.

It wasn't good.

The one year old dog lay on the street "whelping and screaming"

The situation was devastating for Guzzo. "It was very sad"

The owner, overwhelmed by the ordeal was assisted by Guzzo who helped rush the injured dog to the the nearest veterinarian , that being on Tilley road off Great Northern Road several kilometers away.

Guzzo said she's not pointing fingers at teen drivers "it could have been anyone, but people need to slow down an pay attention"

"What if that was a small child instead of a dog or another animal?"

Guzzo said she heard the teens telling the others they were not speeding.

"I didn't really pay a lot of attention to them, I was too busy dealing with the dog and the owner" Guzzo who was now late for work wrapped the dog in a blanket and assisted the owner to the vet around 3pm.

By now the dog had become quiet, going into shock Guzzo said.

Guzzo said she can't recall the type of car that the teens were driving. The teens allegedly fled the scene after a few minutes.

Meanwhile Guzzo , the dog and the owner, "Patty" drove to the Tilley Road vet.

But the injuries were too severe to save the dog.

"The dog had suffered major pelvic injuries, surgery would have been $4,000 to $6,000 with no guarantee the vet told Guzzo.

"The vet recommended putting the suffering dog down" Guzzo said.

"It's just so sad" Guzzo said.

Guzzo said she did not know the owner personally but feels the pain she's in. "This was the first dog she had in 15 years"


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