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  Sunday, April 19th   

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World RiderZ Love Ontario

James Anthony for local2 sault ste. marie
August 18th, 2012 at 8:45am

The World RiderZ are Stephane Etienne and Aymeric Zito, along with their producers and cameramen. They are currently shooting their second season of the TV show that will be featured on the Discovery channel.


Credit: James Egan Photography

World RiderZ all started when Stephane’s son was diagnosed with kidney disease. As soon as Stephane heard this news he had to “do something immediately, I couldn’t wait for doctors to treat my son I needed to do something because this is a disease that affects all of 50 million people around the world.” “ The idea of being on a motorcycle came from motorcycles being one of my main passions, I thought a ride from France to Australia was a good tour to engage with the media and make as much noise as possible on the journey.”

Stephane explained that one of the major barriers of starting up a journey like this one was “the logistics, it’s not just an adventure we’re mapping out our journey depending on which hospitals we want to visit, the trip in the middle east and south Africa was difficult because of all the hospitals and facilities are pretty remote. That took a lot of resources to engage with the local doctors over there.”

“Our goal of being on the road is to create an online platform that will allow doctors to create their own profile, they’ll register who they are and share and exchange information. In other words if I’m a doctor in another country and I treat 20-30 patients and I have a question I can ask it and almost get an instantaneous response.”

As for how the crew is enjoying Ontario Stephane went on to say “Ontario is unbelievable it is on the top of my list, I absolutely love water and I’m amazed with the great lakes, the rides have been amazing.” The riders will leave the sault on the 18th and make their way to Tobermory where they will continue with their journey and raising awareness.


Credit: James Anthony

To help out with this great cause you can sign up to become a “third riderz” that’s all they ask, it is free to sign up and helps with spreading the word of Kidney Disease. Register at worldriderz.com, as a third rider you get to follow, get information and view more about World Riderz. As Stephane Said “The more we are the stronger we become”.


Credit: James Anthony


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