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  Tuesday, April 21st   

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Kids Get Down to Business at Youth Enterprise Camp

Jake Cormier for local2 sault ste. marie
August 17th, 2012 at 2:45pm

The annual Youth Enterprise Camp, held by the area Community Development Corporations (CDC) and CFDCs wrapped up Friday, culminating with the thirty participating kids selling their products at The Station Mall.

The week-long camp offered kids the opportunity to learn business basics, including the difference between revenue, profit, expenses and debt, as well as product development, sales and more. The kids were encouraged to come up with product ideas, and then went through the process of obtaining the materials, developing the products, setting prices, and finally selling their products from 11am to 1pm Friday at the mall.

Another important lesson from the week was obtaining a balance between your work and the rest of your life. The campers spent a good amount of time swimming, bowling, playing basketball, having campfires and other fun activities.

The kids came from across the district and ranged in ages between 9 and 13 and were split into 6 groups, with each group having developed a different product.

After their sale at the mall, the kids determined what profit their group made after subtracting the cost of the materials. The profit was divided up and given to each member of the group.

Photo Gallery

Youth Enterprise Camp

Youth Enterprise Camp

This group of kids developed a variety of dry ingredient mixes: cookies, s'mores and hot chocolate with marshmallows.
Credit: Jake Cormier

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Youth Enterprise CampYouth Enterprise CampYouth Enterprise CampYouth Enterprise CampYouth Enterprise CampYouth Enterprise Camp


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