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  Monday, March 30th   

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Andrea Horwath Talks About Jobs in the Sault

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July 20th, 2012 at 4:10pm

ANDREA HORWATH NDP LEADERNDP Leader Andrea Horwath met with David and Cayla Thompson, two young residents of Sault Ste Marie struggling to find work, to talk about creating jobs and keeping young families in Ontario’s north.

“David and Cayla can’t find full time work in the North. That’s a sign of tough times, but it’s also a sign that we need to start thinking differently about the challenges we’re facing,” said Horwath. “For the last ten years, we’ve seen a lot of the same-old solutions coming out of Queen’s Park. We can do better.”

Horwath says New Democrats are working hard to get real results in a minority Legislature and highlighted the positive proposals New Democrats have put forward: a Job Creation Tax Credit to reward companies when they create jobs, investments in infrastructure like the ONTC and accountable public power – and pointed to New Democrat’s success in creating a Fairness Tax on Ontario’s wealthiest earners that would help eliminate the deficit and make key investments in services like childcare to help new families and create jobs.

“There’s something really wrong when a government can’t afford a vital northern transportation network like the ONTC but finds millions for a private power deal that saves seats in the GTA,” said Horwath. “We can do better and we want to hear from northerners about how we can do it.”

Andrea Horwath has spent the week listening to mayors and leaders across northern Ontario. Time and time again, Andrea heard that Northern Ontario needs solutions that work in the North, not solutions cooked up in a Liberal backroom at Queen’s Park.


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