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  Sunday, April 26th   

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NEW activfuel+ from Genuine Health is designed for pre- and during exercise

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July 12th, 2012 at 12:24pm | Last Updated August 16th, 2012 at 12:51pm

Below is a link to a great review on Activfuel+ straight from Nova Scotia!
Click here for the Happy Fit review on Activfuel+

You work hard and play even harder. You eat well and stay hydrated, so what else do you need to support your body and enhance your performance?

NEW activfuel+ from Genuine Health is designed for pre- and during exercise

Check out the recent activfuel+ TV coverage this week with Bryce Wylde:

Mon July 9 –
Breakfast Television (BT) Toronto

Wed July 11 –
CTV Canada AM

Thurs July 19 – CityLine (make sure to TUNE IN)

Last week coverage across Canada:

Urban Rush video

CTV Morning video

BT Vancouver video


BT Calgary video

Excerpt from http://www.genuinehealth.com/activfuel.html:

NEW activfuel+ from Genuine Health is designed for pre- and during exercise and to include 5 functions:
Genuine Health Activfuel
1. Build & Prepare – with whey protein isolate and BCAAs
2. Fuel – innovative carb sources from agave, brown rice and beet
3. Speed & Strength – with taurine and kola nut
4. Rehydrate & Replenish – with electrolytes and coconut water
5. Go the Distance – with creatine, Rhodiola, vitamin B1, magnesium and apple peel

Awareness around sports nutrition is growing, and not just among athletes, but also in gyms and the media.

However, sports nutrition research is becoming more and more sophisticated, and has discovered effective, natural ingredients which perform synergistically for all stages of activity. What is coming to light is that it is not only important to prepare your body for rigorous activity – but to fuel your body during for efficient carbohydrate and oxygen delivery to cells, ensuring peak endurance and performance. Fueling during activities also prevents the loading up on carbohydrates before, and instead ingesting easy to digest, low glycemic index sources of carbohydrate during, which have steady absorption, avoiding blood sugar spikes.

In addition, the activfuel+ formula contains no questionable or unsafe ingredients and has suggested dosages for all bodies’ and their levels of activity.  It also contains no artificial ingredients, preservatives, flavours, or sweeteners

Available in delicious and refreshing black raspberry lemonade flavour - with or without caffeine – in powder or convenient single serving sachets. 

Visit the Country Way at 79 Brock Street or call 705-949-1898 for more information on this amazing product.


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