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  Tuesday, April 21st   

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Can Am BMX Club in the Soo

Carol Zarudenec Smith Copyright 2012 for local2 sault ste. marie
June 23rd, 2012 at 12:53pm


End of BMX track shows Jason Smith & Fred Tucker Jr. coming off the track
Credit: Carol Zarudenec Smith


Jason with trophies
Credit: Carol Zarudenec Smith

In the 80ís, the Soo had a new sport for kids to get into. It not only challenged their bicycle skills it was also fun and good exercise. The dirt track was located on Great Northern Road between Northwood Funeral Home and Ginoís Restaurant. It allowed many a participant to peddle as fast as he could going over moguls to reach the finish line first. It was an exciting weekly competition for boys of all ages. For safety reasons, most of the boys were well equipped wearing helmets with visors and padded shirts and pants for protection. Some just wore elbow and/or knee pads in case they hit the dirt. No one wanted any injuries and miss out on the next week's competition.

Every parent was enthusiastic about rooting for their child during these laps around the track. No doubt the boys were pumped hearing all this cheering as they approached the finish line. Will he be first, second or third. Jason had a small collection of trophies from each one. Some days he was riding well while others he just wasn't quite speedy enough. Irregardless he was enjoying himself and that was the main reason for joining this elite group of cyclists. It emphasized on having fun.

Of course the St. Johnís Ambulance was always waiting on the sidelines in case an accident occurred. Luckily no serious injuries ever happened that I can recall.

On one occasion, my son flew off his bike and had the wind knocked out of him. It was scary at the time as I raced to his side but he soon recovered and entered the next race.

It was all great fun while it lasted and I'm sure many young lads proudly displayed their cherished trophies at home like my son did.


Jason outside on his BMX bike holding a treasured trophy
Credit: Carol Zarudenec Smith


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