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  Saturday, April 25th   

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Gold Medal for local at 2011 Cadet National Biathlon

Roy Harten for local2 sault ste. marie
March 8th, 2011 at 1:37pm


Tyler Davie Gold Medal, Youth Mens Mass Start
Credit: Ray Harten

Tyler Davie of the 155 Air Cadets won a Gold Medal in Mondays Mass Start Race, Youth Male (age 17-18), at the 2011 Cadet National Biathlon being held this week in Valcartier Quebec. His time was 45.48.5 minutes over the 7.5 km race that had three stops at the range to shot down five targets with five rounds at each stop. Travis Parr of the 2310 Army Cadets came in fourth place in the same category. Brett Davie,155 Air Cadets came in sixth in the senior male (age15 to 16). Jessie Gravel, 696 Air Cadets, Blind River finished 13th in the Junior Female (age 12-13) 6km race. At this time there is no results on Natasha Floyd-Paquette, 2310 Army Cadets who is skiing in Youth Female. In today’s race Team Ontario earned one gold and four silver medals. There are three races left this week.

The conditions for Monday’s race were extremely difficult as it snowed all day for an approximate accumulation of 25cm. The heavy snow reduced visibility on the range and can cause jamming of the rifle. The ski trail conditions were poor with loose packed snow slowing skiers on turns and attacking the hills.

Sunday was the opening ceremonies for the 138 cadets that qualified at regional races to represent their Province at this annual event. Travis Parr was the flag barrier for the Ontario team and no stranger to the nationals where he won two gold medals at last year’s event.
Biathlon 2

Travis Parr 2310 Army Cadets
Credit: Ray Harten

Brett Davie has competed before in the Nationals with this being his third year. He won a gold and silver medal last year. When being interviewed last week it was evident that a lingering cold with chest congestion was slowing him down. His focus going into this year’s event was on his mental aspect while transitioning from skiing to shooting. “One shot at a time”, and “not to get excited when I knock down a target” was his goals. Unfortunately in today’s race his shooting was not what he had hoped for, possibly due to a combination of the lingering cold and the poor visibility a result of the heavy snow fall. Each missed target means a 100m penalty loop which adds to the overall ski time. He is the brother of Tyler Davie

The cadet biathlon program has produced several national, international and Olympic-caliber biathletes including; Myriam Bédard, double Olympic gold medalist at the 1994 Olympic Winter Games in Lillehammer; Martine Albert who participated in the 2006 Olympic Winter Games in Turin and holds over 30 Canadian and North American titles and a World Championship bronze medal and, most recently, Jean-Philippe Le Guellec who gave an excellent performance at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver.

The Canadian Cadet program is open to males and females ages 12 to 18. In Sault Ste Marie there are Sea, Army and Air Cadets. To follow the 2011 Cadet National Biathlon go to, http://www.cadets.ca/biathlon/championship-championnat/home-accueil.aspx


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