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  Saturday, April 25th   

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Column: Not so Superior Heights?

Karen Johns for local2 sault ste. marie
October 20th, 2011 at 10:05am

This article is a column or editorial.
The opinions expressed here are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of LOCAL2.


Last Saturday I read Doug Millroy’s column in the Sault Star. He mentioned the poor design of the new Superior Heights highschool and asked “Did someone think ugly was in?”

He might have also asked “who was the ADSB trying to fool when they said in late August that the school would be complete in “three or four weeks”?”

It is now the middle of October and at the time of this writing, the school is nowhere near completion. Two of the windows, one in the gym and one in the library are cracked, apparently from the school settling. Pipes continue to leak in different areas, the roof is leaking in some places and it looks as though the second floor of the school which faces North St. is missing a wall or a window. Whatever the opening is, it is covered by a tarp.

Many of the electrical outlets were not cut to the correct size, so there are gaps around the outlets and wiring.

The main staircase in the foyer is still not usable as the designed glass enclosure is incomplete.

The hallway floors do not have a proper finish on them yet , making them very difficult to clean. Some have said that the floor was put in too hastily and now workers are having a difficult time dealing with it.

As of this writing there are no autoshop, woodshop, or machine shops in working order. I can’t imagine the frustration of those students who signed up for these classes only to have to sit on the sidelines hoping that they’ll get a chance to actually learn to use some of the machines that so far, are not even hooked up or for that matter, plugged in.

Rumors are that the shops may be in operating order this week. For those students who are waiting, I hope so.

There are still workers dealing with drywalling and electrical installations, not to mention dealing with cracked pipes and leaks in classrooms and other rooms. The "cafetorium", like many ither areas, is still incomplete.

And did I mention the mice?

For the last few weeks there has been an ever increasing population of mice throughout Superior Heights. They have been seen almost everywhere in the school. Big mice, baby mice, and all sizes in between.

Which means they are breeding quite prolifically.

In addition to the mice, there have been at least three rat sightings in the school. Let’s hope they don’t start breeding in there too.

Overall it seems that this school was nowhere near completion in September, but someone wanted to impress the public with this new crown jewel so they used smoke and mirrors in the hope no one would notice all of the unfinished areas.

The result is that what could have been a lovely school had it been finished before the students and teachers moved in, now looks like something that was put together in haste. There is so much left to be done with this school that many of the people who work there believe that it will be months before the contractors finally pack up their tools and go home.


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