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  Thursday, February 26th   

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The Colours Are Back!

Kassie Wright for local2 sault ste. marie
September 25th, 2011 at 10:44am

This article is a column or editorial.
The opinions expressed here are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of LOCAL2.

Wow what a light show! Nope. I知 not referring to the fall leaves, although outside my window, the orange and auburn colours are starting on the hill. What I知 talking about is meditation (Oh brother!).....Wait a minute. Before you roll your eyes again and go...hear me out...

colour umbreallaCouple years ago, I thought that too. Come to think of it, probably said and thought exactly that, maybe even a little more stronger, with more colourful words! 選 don稚 believe in that sh?! Who has the time each day for 30 minutes of meditation?! And I continued on my life.

One day, I知 not exactly sure, I revisited it again. Every show I tuned into on the One Channel (Body, Mind and Spirit Channel) and almost every book I read talked about meditation. And it痴 powerful impact on not only your health but your peace of mind. In fact, doctors such as endocrinologist Deepak Chopra confirmed meditation is the answer to headaches. And a whole slew of inspirational authors say it痴 the happiness medicine that痴 open to us all. So (secretly of course) I was tempted to try this! What have I got to lose?! Even Dr. Oz and Oprah have time to meditate! So I made the time.

Now before you start...I値l give you some expectations so you don稚 have any expectations! (Huh?) No, don稚 薦xpect Miracles as I often suggest in my writing. In fact, have no expectations at all. Just go into it with an open mind and stick to it. That痴 what I did. 30 minutes in the morning. After my cup of joe and my ス four of padma yoga. Got to have my coffee and move my body or else I壇 fall asleep!

But then it痴 easy. I sit in the child痴 pose they call it. You know, what I call the Indian sit, with your legs crossed and your feet folded. If you can稚, no problem, find a comfy chair. And of course, an egg timer set for 30 minutes, because we DO have a life! Then begin focusing on your breath. (What?!) Simple, listen to yourself breathe in and out. A few times. Then listen for your heartbeat. Once you find that sound, pretend you feel your toes tingle and your fingers. Then notice how everything seems to feel lighter. Take a deep breath. And when you have fleeting thoughts, millions at first, don稚 worry this is normal. Just picture them in little bubbles and watch them in your mind float away. Don稚 give them any attention. They値l pass. Yup, those... 層hy am I doing this anyway? I should be doing...what am I going to have for dinner....I have to pick up this today....work things come into mind...kid things...spouse things... every worry that痴 on your mind will surface...don稚 worry, it痴 normal. Just say 創ext, in your mind and with your eyes still closed, and watch that bubble float away.

Sometimes it takes a week sometimes longer to get the hang of it. But don稚 worry it will subside. Just don稚 give up. Give yourself 30 minutes of this in the morning and if you can, at night. (But don稚 fall asleep.) And here is why. It SO works!

Not only do I seldom need to resort to feverfew for my headaches, but the experts are right. You will find a tremendous surge of energy in your daily life. Clarity in what you池e doing. Inspiration of all kinds. You feel rejuvenated and oh, what I think is just fantastic...the COLOURS!

When I meditate I focus on the centre of this space. Yup, I saw nothing but dark, just like you will at first, when I closed my eyes. For the past few months I thought I must be doing something wrong, because the colours had vanished! I was disappointed, frustrated because I knew how vivid they used to be. It痴 like a sunburst. I saw brilliant indigo, purple, violet and mauvey- white most of the time. They would dance from one side to the other and appear out of nowhere at the top or bottom and start all over. I could feel myself smiling as it made me so excited. I was so enthralled, I forgot about my dogs snoring, or my other thoughts that kept on interrupting my meditation. It kept me excitedly coming back each day and anticipating this light show!

When I asked and looked into this fascination of light during meditation. I was tuned into the world of chakras. Another time for this discussion. But it痴 good. Very good. I learned that some people who meditate for years, never see colours. So I guess I should be grateful. And for this, I truly am.

But do me a favour. Don稚 take my word for it. Or anyone else痴 for that matter. You gotta try it. Stick with it. And don稚 tell anyone, keep it to yourself at first. They値l think you池e nuts! Except me and other enlightened and grateful people. You can always email me. We birds tend to flock together and enjoy hearing about our exciting journey.

Until next time, enjoy the light show and all the fantastic colours!

Always Expect Miracles (except initially in meditation, but it will come)

Inspirational Author,

Kassie Wright


As always, I welcome your thoughts. Please don稚 be shy. My words don稚 bite.

溺editation is not a way of making your mind quiet.
It is a way of entering into the quiet that is already there -
buried under the 50,000 thoughts
the average person thinks every day. Deepak Chopra.


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