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  Saturday, April 25th   

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City Police Get Beaten Up

LOCAL2 Staff for local2 sault ste. marie
August 4th, 2011 at 10:28am

police baseball 2

Credit: Sault Ste. Marie City Police

On August 3, 2011 the Sault Ste Marie Police Service one again played TAPS (Treat All People Special) in the annual TAPS vs. the Sault Ste Marie Police Service Baseball Game.
TAPS is a softball team organized by Community Living Algoma for people of all ability levels who play softball once a week.

The game began with the traditional singing of "Take me out to the Ball Game" by both teams.
It was a hard fought game but the Police were roughed up pretty badly, losing once again to TAPS. The Police have played TAPS for a number of years and have yet to beat them but will be working hard in the off season to improve their

police baseball 1

Credit: Sault Ste. Marie City Police

The Police Team would like to congratulate all of the TAPS members for an excellent game and wish them the best of luck when they play the Firefighters Team in a couple of weeks. TAPS members include Michael, Cassandra, Matthew, Mark, Nicole, Donald, Jeffrey, Ashley, Carter, Doris, Jake, Chris, Ryan, Karen, Jamie, Preston, Kristan, Sherry-Lynn, Tim, Jason, Matt and Mike.


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