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  Saturday, February 28th   

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Sault Ste. Marie Elementary School Track & Field Results

Jim Fitzpatrick for local2 sault ste. marie
June 2nd, 2011 at 10:53am | Last Updated at 12:48pm

track 1

Credit: Jim Fitzpatrick

Team Results

1. St. Paul Patriots 120 pts
2. St. Mary’s Sharks 76 pts
3. St. John Battlecats 62.5 pts
4. St. Mark Mustangs 43 pts
5. St. Patrick Gators 42 pts

track 2

Credit: Jim Fitzpatrick

Individual Winners

100 m Jason Uhl St. Mark 12.97 secs
200 m Trent Sepkowski St. John 28.78 secs
400 m Jason Uhl St. Mark 59.84 secs
800 m Adam McPhail St. Paul 2.34:00 secs
4 x 100 Relay St. Mark
Running Long Jump Matt Caruso St. Paul 4.55 m
Triple Jump Jason Uhl St. Mark 10.45 m
High Jump Andrew Barbeau St. Paul 1.5 m
Softball Throw Bryce Campbell Our Lady of Lourdes 53.65 m

track 3

Credit: Jim Fitzpatrick

100 m Mercedes Ryan St. Paul 13.69 secs
200 m Mercedes Ryan St. Paul 29.94 secs
400 m Lydia Murray Sr. Mary Clare 1:08.38 secs
800 m Lydia Murray Sr. Mary Clare 2:55.84 secs
4 x 100 Relay St. Paul
Running Long Jump Taylor O’Hara St. John 3.78 m
Triple Jump Christine St. Jules Notre Dame 8.45 m
High Jump Julie Veilleux-See Notre Dame 1.36 m
Softball Throw Steph Policicchio Our Lady of Lourdes 36.1 m

track 4

Credit: Jim Fitzpatrick

100 m Nick Sicoly St. Patrick 13.10 secs
200 m Zachary Senecal St. Theresa 29.26 secs
400 m Joey Roberts St. John 1:04.56 secs
800 m Brady Doiron St. Mary’s F.I. 2:34.69 secs
4 x 100 Relay St. Theresa
Running Long Jump Zachary Senecal St. Theresa 4.49 m
Triple Jump Nick Sicoly St. Patrick 9.97 m
High Jump Nick Sicoly St. Patrick 1.30 m
Softball Throw Joey Roberts St. John 46.10 m

100 m Taija Ryan St. Paul 14.63 secs
200 m Emily Calibani St. Paul 30.32 secs
400 m Jalyn Tait St. Mark 1:13.90 secs
800 m Kara Neveu St. Mary’s F.I. 2:59.19 secs
4 x 100 Relay St. Paul
Running Long Jump Emily Calibani St. Paul 4.25 m
Triple Jump Emily Calibani St. Paul 9.18 m
High Jump Drew Jones St. Mark 1.29 m
Softball Throw Carina Hargis St. Paul 41.1 m

50 m Cameron Baber St. Paul 7.72 secs
100 m Skylar Premo-Miceli St. Mary’s F.I. 14.59 secs
200 m Nicholas Porco Holy Family 31.91 secs
Running Long Jump Andrew Budau St. Ann 3.70 m
Standing Long Jump Keegan Stevenson St. Paul 2.05 m
High Jump Rowen Oliver Notre Dame 1.15 m
Softball Throw Lucas Theriault St. Paul 43.70 m

50 m Angela Murtha St. John 6.98 secs
100 m Olivia Orazietti St. Pius X 15.09 secs
200 m Summer Harman St. Pius X 32.36 secs
Running Long Jump Emma Hendrie St. Mary’s F.I. 3.63 m
Standing Long Jump Kallie Boucher St. Mary’s F.I. 2.02 m
High Jump Sydney Piegon St. Paul 1.12 m
Softball Throw Destiny Pine St. Mary’s F.I. 24.00 m

50 m Daniel Calvano St. John 8.22 secs
100 m Kieran Jalak St. Francis 16.19 secs
Running Long Jump Kieran Jalak St. Francis 2.88 m
Standing Long Jump Christian Alfano St. John 1.77 m
High Jump Tristan Brown Sr. Mary Clare 1.05 m

50 m Brianna Barban St. Paul 8.64 secs
100 m Elizabeth Iacoe St. Theresa 16.88 secs
Running Long Jump Luca Rebek St. Patrick 2.66 m
Standing Long Jump Kayla Stevenson St. Paul 1.68 m
High Jump Kailyn Boissoneau St. Mary’s F.I. 1.08 m


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