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  Saturday, April 18th   

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$174,276 To Attract Newcomers To The Sault

LOCAL2 Staff for local2 sault ste. marie
May 26th, 2011 at 12:54pm | Last Updated at 4:05pm



Provincial Investment Attracting Skilled Workers, Diversifying Local Business and Strengthening Economy

The province is investing $174,276 through an Immigration Information Online program operated by the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration for the creation of the Sault Ste. Marie Immigration Web Portal video library to help attract newcomers by providing them with information regarding the benefits of coming to the community and investing in the local economy, David Orazietti, MPP announced today.

“The province is informing skilled newcomers about the benefits of moving to Sault Ste. Marie to start new businesses, continue their careers and create good-quality high paying jobs in the community,” said Orazietti. “Attracting newcomers, who bring new skill sets and business knowledge with them, creates a boost to the local economy and provides both financial and cultural advantages to the entire community.”

The Discover the Sault website promotes Sault Ste. Marie to newcomers as a great place to live, work and play, while giving new Canadians the practical information they need to contribute to our local economy. The local Web Portal is linked with the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration's OntarioImmigration.ca, which is an international portal that provides up-to-date information on everything from towns and cities, to labour market and skills accreditation.

Sault Ste. Marie has received $703,000 in provincial support since 2006 to enhance its local immigration website. The new Web Portal will utilize state-of-the-art technology to attract newcomers by highlighting the advantages of living, working and investing in Ontario’s communities. The province is also launching a mobile-friendly version of its popular Welcome to Ontario booklet for newcomers to access while on the go.

“We appreciate the provincial government’s support for this project, which allows us to provide an updated one stop access point for newcomers, designed to make their settlement process easier and more enjoyable,” said Frank Coccimiglio, Manager, Information Technology Division, City of Sault Ste. Marie. “Our Immigration Web Portal’s new video library provides newcomers to our community with a visual guide to assist with living, working and learning in Sault Ste. Marie. Our video library includes Testimonial Videos, a Video Relocation Guide, Cultural Orientation Videos and Cultural Awareness Training Videos. We hope to attract and retain newcomers through Discover the Sault, and we are now one step closer to developing a welcoming community.”

Since 2003, the province has increased funding to the city by 43% through the Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund, uploaded the costs of municipal services to the province and made numerous infrastructure investments. Additional provincial investments that have helped build and improve Sault Ste. Marie while also creating short and long-term jobs include:

· $25 million new funding for road improvements

· $8.3 million new Algoma Public Health Building

· $7.4 million new provincial gas tax program

· $6.4 million social housing improvements

· $6.2 million West End Recreation Centre

· $5.6 million Carmen’s Way

· $4.7 million Essar Centre

· $4.2 million Conservation Authority infrastructure - source water protection

· $3.5 million Third Line extension

· $3.1 million Hub Trail and Waterfront Walkway

· $3.0 million Municipal Infrastructure Investment Initiative (MIII) 2008

· $2.7 million COMRIF

· $2.2 million new Emergency Response Centre (EMS)

· $1.9 million land ambulance

· $1.6 million Recreational Infrastructure Canada/Ontario 2009

· $1.0 million for 8 new city police officers


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