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  Sunday, March 29th   

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Fix My Mom's House

James Anthony for local2 sault ste. marie
July 2nd, 2012 at 4:05pm

FIX 3Elanor Lypps is a cancer survivor, and she is currently going through chemotherapy. Her son Alexander Wood is doing everything he can to help his mom and best friend out during this time. Recently Alexander created a Facebook page titled Operation ‘Fix my mom’s House’, in an effort to receive some help in renovating the house.

Alexander got just that and then some. “I expected to get 3 or 4 friends to stop in and help out, instead we have had well over 30 people coming and helping in the past 4 days. Some were family and friends others were complete strangers who just wanted to help. We even had a guy who buried a cable in our front lawn come back and help us out after he was off work.”

When Alexander was asked how he would describe his mom he gave a heart thought answer fighting through the tears. “She’s my best friend, she’s just amazing, she means everything to me. She’s my mom and I’d do anything for her. ”

FIX 5To everyone that took time out of there day to stop by and help Alexander would like to say “everyone who stopped by to help out is apart of my family I consider them family and I consider them Blood. Everything that they gave us, and only family can give that to somebody else. I’m eternally indebted to them not only because of the work they did but for what it meant for my mom.”

Eleanor would also like to say “that words are not enough anymore it was just so flabbergasting the whole thing, I need to give everyone personally a hug I don’t know how else to thank anyone for all this.

Currently the house is about 80% finished with the hopes of finishing it up today, and having it furnished and on the market for Saturday.


It’s nice to see the community coming together to help out a fellow saulite and an even better cause. Our best wishes go out to Alexander and Eleanor along with the rest of the family.



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